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  • PSOne classic The Silver Case, from the mind of Suda51, gets an HD remaster in early 2017: https://t.co/xL8XlCTTdO https://t.co/1MPjIwauLZ 23/Oct/2016 03:07:04
  • The inspiration behind the mechanical creatures in Horizon Zero Dawn's prehistoric future: https://t.co/uEIH5Dl0S4 https://t.co/VS8sNZYlGL 23/Oct/2016 00:12:03
  • Celebrating a decade of reckless fun in Just Cause: https://t.co/FTdFR0litQ Why walk when you can take a jet? https://t.co/r3uFZeurvb 22/Oct/2016 23:07:03
  • Need to catch up on The Walking Dead? Save up to 40% on seasons 1-6 at PS Store before tomorrow's Season 7 premiere… https://t.co/8bP06BkYXW 22/Oct/2016 22:07:37
  • RT @CallofDuty: Hunt your prey with the Seeker Grenade, a sticky device that seeks out and explodes nearby enemies. #IWBeta https://t.co/IF… 22/Oct/2016 17:21:41
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