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  • Battle with beautifully illustrated cards in Qurare: Magic Library, out September 6: https://t.co/0g8nMozzHf https://t.co/TKAcB7fJpY 26/Aug/2016 04:30:04
  • Bizarre first-person comedic adventure Jazzpunk comes to PS4 Sept 20, from Necrophone Games. https://t.co/M5YyLzjFRZ https://t.co/p9sBLnlwQ9 26/Aug/2016 04:00:09
  • Good news, football fans — NFL Network is now live on PS Vue! Full details: https://t.co/pGPzWweLHl https://t.co/TaJLQbeBmd 26/Aug/2016 03:30:04
  • Battlezone is coming to stores when PlayStation VR launches on October 13: https://t.co/higi4T8aNK https://t.co/4mOtPySDRA 26/Aug/2016 02:30:03
  • Doing more with the score in PlayStation VR Worlds: https://t.co/CxP44RZfRq https://t.co/fq2l8P977J 26/Aug/2016 01:00:11
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