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  • Brace yourselves, pilots. Titanfall 2's Colony Reborn DLC arrives March 30th alongside a trial for the main game:… https://t.co/3VNMC3JQiG 26/Mar/2017 21:21:03
  • Pick up Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition for $20.99 at PS Store (US) https://t.co/4cIVN4Bfut Flash Sale ends… https://t.co/LYGcK2zWgh 26/Mar/2017 19:16:03
  • Last day to cop Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for just $8.99 at PS Store (US) https://t.co/Z26qT1mMWc https://t.co/LrGiCV8ZC3 26/Mar/2017 17:07:03
  • Pre-loads are live for @MLBTheShow 17! Make sure you pre-order from the PS Store to play right at 9 PM PDT tomorrow… https://t.co/vghMpbviZE 26/Mar/2017 16:00:03
  • Enter Limbo at PlayStation Store - just $1.99 through the weekend (US) https://t.co/shAnd2FFuK https://t.co/gcYmx3Qtae 26/Mar/2017 00:15:02
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