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  • Listen to music on your PS4? Last chance to get 3 months of Spotify Premium for 99¢: https://t.co/6iyryM3ar6 Offer… https://t.co/9IpaQLh9hY 26/Jun/2017 02:59:37
  • The bigger they are, the harder they fight. Knack 2 hits PS4 on September 5: https://t.co/ei91jHPM41 https://t.co/WmMXEDWI0w 25/Jun/2017 21:30:03
  • RT @iuwemake: The @PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program is here! Bring your original show idea to life. https://t.co/Lc3qOVDQLx #yourbig… 25/Jun/2017 03:42:23
  • Take a closer look at Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, and more. Our highlights from the showcase last week:… https://t.co/pQEjjg31Ib 24/Jun/2017 23:15:03
  • Here's how you'll fight to survive in Days Gone, the open-world, open-road survival game from Bend Studio:… https://t.co/o1H0CYxxfx 24/Jun/2017 18:30:03
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