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  • Ruthless AI SHODAN returns in System Shock, coming to PS4: https://t.co/08oW2idHAS https://t.co/99JtnOZ8zr 24/Jul/2016 23:45:03
  • New Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV trailer revealed this weekend. Watch it now: https://t.co/2RiJoaC0YL https://t.co/eZfThPPuaA 24/Jul/2016 22:00:12
  • Congratulations, Molecules! https://t.co/YClcPqU69W 24/Jul/2016 20:28:14
  • Build your own adventure! Dragon Quest Builders launches October 11 on PS4 and PS Vita: https://t.co/8gGwq2dYWn https://t.co/6G8MlUsv2N 24/Jul/2016 20:25:03
  • Our Superhero Sale ends soon! Save 70% on games and videos on PlayStation Store: https://t.co/OFnVi9b5B6 https://t.co/L22Qq1c8wH 24/Jul/2016 19:30:03
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