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  • GRIM.exe is the latest hero to join the Paragon roster: https://t.co/BSHXTCdbB4 Take control on May 10 https://t.co/uiBhkEqCgK 06/May/2016 01:57:03
  • RT @Kotaku: Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a puzzle game worthy of Nathan Drake https://t.co/7d0wzLURLs https://t.co/3SkipMPTlV 06/May/2016 00:33:30
  • Blogcast 208 is live! Mafia 3 & Paragon interviews: https://t.co/HIcpTtnirY Also, we went to a Hatsune Miku concert https://t.co/LcvFUMtXZM 06/May/2016 00:00:54
  • RT @TIME: "Uncharted 4 is the absolute best entry in the long-running series" https://t.co/j9Oa25V0uB 05/May/2016 22:47:11
  • RT @jimmyfallon: Congrats to @Naughty_Dog, they've done it again. Uncharted 4 on PS4 is pure fun!! https://t.co/QskWmcbDgT 05/May/2016 18:07:19
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