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  • New PlayStation games out next week: https://t.co/Ti9XS6J97T Assassin's Creed Origins launches on PS4 https://t.co/j4OiKDf3pf 20/Oct/2017 21:00:16
  • Destiny 2 led the charge in September's top downloads at the US PlayStation Store. See the full list:… https://t.co/qNTXDmKYav 20/Oct/2017 19:35:41
  • PS Music Recommends: Gran Turismo Sport Playlist, Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack and more - now on Spotify.… https://t.co/ioG26HMZgb 20/Oct/2017 19:01:51
  • Commander Iden Versio helps humanize the Empire in Star Wars Battlefront II: https://t.co/PC0nngG0jX https://t.co/StHsRqegl4 20/Oct/2017 04:00:02
  • You could be the owner of new PlayStation Collectible Cards if you join us at PlayStation Experience this December:… https://t.co/mh3ijuSZOL 20/Oct/2017 03:00:02
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