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  • Choose your spirit, pick your weapon, and fight like hell. Play the #Nioh free trial before tonight:… https://t.co/nMgW9tDH9D 22/Jan/2017 17:48:03
  • #Nioh trial update: After defeating the Ogress boss, choose "The Mark of the Strong." The other option will be made available after launch 22/Jan/2017 06:13:51
  • .sʇoqoɹ ƃuᴉʎoɹʇsǝp ʇɐʞ = ɹǝʍoԀ + ǝɔɐɹפ + pǝǝdS Gravity Rush 2 is available now. Only on PlayStation.… https://t.co/v1sFgqqMr1 21/Jan/2017 23:00:05
  • Have you conquered the demons of Nioh yet? Download the free last chance trial and play all weekend long:… https://t.co/ZqtYXnRy4J 21/Jan/2017 17:42:39
  • The Nioh last chance trial is available right now! Conquer demons and earn rewards all weekend long. Download now… https://t.co/NJiBd9pNKJ 21/Jan/2017 04:45:32
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