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  • RT @Bungie: That Trials Passage in your inventory resets on Monday night, Guardians. See Brother Vance before the event ends. http://t.co/8… 25/May/2015 00:40:06
  • New PlayStation games for this week: http://t.co/gr15GjLVnB Ultra Street Fighter IV and Magicka 2 on PS4 http://t.co/5e3s7O2EFg 24/May/2015 17:45:22
  • This week in PlayStation: http://t.co/OTMK7i1hf6 Destiny: House of Wolves, E3 Experience, and more http://t.co/UcDGQXRB52 24/May/2015 01:48:24
  • RT @PlayStationEU: 8 big PlayStation stories that you might have missed this week: http://t.co/5nvGPIAvtl http://t.co/AGSsGVcLD2 23/May/2015 08:36:51
  • 💙 https://t.co/O8kekKp7Xc 22/May/2015 21:48:18
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