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  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition announced, plus details on free launch DLC fighter https://t.co/7q38kGwgsb https://t.co/KwndPpUYJn 24/Aug/2016 17:01:11
  • First look at new characters and places Kat will encounter in Gravity Rush 2: https://t.co/lY9iIOtIpj https://t.co/flz6nGVqzm 24/Aug/2016 15:01:34
  • Take a closer look at Scavengers Odyssey, one of the adventures inside PlayStation VR Worlds https://t.co/Y3egU4wVKs https://t.co/xpVl3xocA7 24/Aug/2016 14:31:04
  • 100ft Robot Golf tees up Oct. 10 on PS4: https://t.co/5qOK4Bj7Sr All the action, intrigue, & romance of giant robots https://t.co/QeT5Tbm15m 24/Aug/2016 14:01:10
  • Stream more than 400 PlayStation games to your PC with PlayStation Now. Details: https://t.co/lBJN78JAQC https://t.co/2hM5g625UM 24/Aug/2016 04:00:09
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