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  • Featuring The Frozen Wilds expansion, bonus content and more - Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is $14.99 at PS… https://t.co/zJM5OC3T0v 18/Nov/2018 01:04:01
  • Ready for a new look at Resident Evil 2? Monday at 10 AM PT, head to https://t.co/1CmKEuwwSF for a deadly tour th… https://t.co/ZwXcRy84w1 17/Nov/2018 23:30:00
  • How did the #FFXIV team turn iconic Final Fantasy villain Omega into the final boss of the MMO’s newest raid? New P… https://t.co/18IUvfNAFU 17/Nov/2018 22:35:02
  • Hop in and check out Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend: https://t.co/J41I1GXyMz Ends tomorrow! https://t.co/jvg8i6OrCb 17/Nov/2018 21:20:01
  • We're all fired up from playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PS4. Which level have you loved returning to?… https://t.co/peLO4zvJbq 17/Nov/2018 20:15:00
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