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  • RT @thenerdmachine: Download the #NerdHQ app now to book your @playstation @EAStarWars hands on Battlefront session! Only place to play in … 04/Jul/2015 00:00:32
  • RT @AskPlayStation: We're aware that PSN is experiencing connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate. http://t.co/0H… 03/Jul/2015 19:38:20
  • RT @Shenmue_3: PS4 Physical Reward Confirmed! https://t.co/VJSovmaDfp #SaveShenmue #Shenmue3 03/Jul/2015 16:34:42
  • Our friends at @ChineseRoom detail the music of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture: http://t.co/zzV5bSRBBs http://t.co/E669AscjRl 03/Jul/2015 02:15:03
  • Did you miss yesterday's livestream of the Uncharted 4 extended E3 demo? Fret not! Watch here: http://t.co/MTFIQTtu34 http://t.co/L7jJfOoC3c 02/Jul/2015 22:02:17
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