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  • Bloodborne lithograph "A Hunter Must Hunt" is up for pre-sale on the PlayStation Gear store: https://t.co/3X6aByN42O https://t.co/aG2XEQ2Hsd 25/May/2016 21:17:18
  • PS Store introduces Best of PS3 collections with price drops on console-favorites https://t.co/GsrKdjHDJR https://t.co/DAZwEtT3y0 25/May/2016 19:54:09
  • Guns + Gore + Dubstep = Super Mutant Alien Assault, blasting onto PS4 this summer: https://t.co/hLa2qr9ODc https://t.co/kXx52u3T0J 25/May/2016 15:31:51
  • Score Rush Extended brings pure shmup bliss to PS4 on May 31. Maximum domination awaits: https://t.co/GXQ2jfjRWy https://t.co/Hff7Gl2OPd 25/May/2016 15:23:04
  • Cyberpunk top-down shooter Neon Chrome launches on PS4 May 31: https://t.co/uPzxpDofBZ https://t.co/2MG5r5AAzZ 25/May/2016 14:02:23
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