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  • How does one go about bringing beloved PlayStation favorites into the modern era? The teams behind Crash N. Sane Tr… https://t.co/Cl6TQRqHJI 14/Dec/2018 03:03:01
  • You are cordially invited... to survive! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's new "Dead of the Night" Zombies experience is… https://t.co/m0lWm0KwB9 13/Dec/2018 18:01:27
  • Get behind the wheel during The Crew 2's free weekend now through Dec. 17 to explore an open world, try out the new… https://t.co/AE0bAagoQX 13/Dec/2018 17:30:00
  • Ready to harvest space-mutant spinal cells and face off against Berserkers in #PSVR? Get a taste for The Persistenc… https://t.co/GGlZYxjZV4 13/Dec/2018 16:01:05
  • A lot can change in 20 years! Four developers detail the resurrection of PlayStation favorites Crash, Spyro, Reside… https://t.co/aho0qHdG6L 13/Dec/2018 15:16:00
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