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  • Xing: The Land Beyond is coming to PS4 next year, designed by a team of three: https://t.co/qCWgkc8lX5 https://t.co/uk8slbeNMa 26/Nov/2015 06:01:04
  • Rocket League gets festive new items in the Winter Games event, starting December 14th: https://t.co/1DnCLh3q0l https://t.co/B0QKlvvzlo 26/Nov/2015 05:01:10
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition & King's Quest rekindle the classics on PlayStation Plus next month https://t.co/gC8y3RCy1U https://t.co/CE3X9F1FtP 26/Nov/2015 04:33:03
  • Sometimes, space travel is nothing more than a roll of the dice: https://t.co/RtYtmUzmKQ Details on Tharsis for PS4 https://t.co/eacOIfU1P5 26/Nov/2015 03:02:03
  • Join the cast of Uncharted 4 at PlayStation Experience next week in San Francisco: https://t.co/sxpFkB9wI8 https://t.co/3l5WbSPfTO 25/Nov/2015 22:54:14
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