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  • Everyone has a different agenda in Detroit: Become Human, out now on PS4: https://t.co/KgeVwJzNDn https://t.co/zMxF8N0oh4 26/May/2018 16:30:00
  • It's officially the weekend, which means the Overwatch free trial has begun! Download now and start playing:… https://t.co/kove5h5GAi 26/May/2018 15:00:02
  • Last week, we *finally* got to play Kingdom Hearts 3. Here are our first impressions: https://t.co/n1Xvpe9dGR 26/May/2018 13:15:00
  • We have a new perspective on God of War thanks to these vertical Share of the Week winning shares:… https://t.co/xXo8qhsj9H 26/May/2018 03:59:00
  • We've hand-picked a selection of the best racing games for PlayStation VR: https://t.co/zhwy5GgBc1 What are your fa… https://t.co/p9BkLEK2qR 26/May/2018 03:33:03
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