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  • Driveclub VR launches October 13, Season Pass owners can upgrade for $19.99: https://t.co/x1spKDZ3RK https://t.co/qoIGgl9ZDD 29/Sep/2016 15:01:05
  • Wield a legendary blade with the new Paragon hero, Kwang: https://t.co/rLDFNJX9DW Joining the fight October 4 https://t.co/TjnYaCNBMo 29/Sep/2016 14:33:34
  • How Japan Studio prototyped a variety of control types to find an intuitive solution for The Playroom VR:… https://t.co/CtNR5VuQyv 29/Sep/2016 14:01:12
  • Good times and a sticky floor in SportsBarVR, out October 13 on PS VR: https://t.co/mWEBaD4f8K https://t.co/PPZkfIov2R 29/Sep/2016 13:03:39
  • Get to know the combat system of Vampyr on PS4: https://t.co/GFBYY9ZgGo https://t.co/YyqQnjspGH 29/Sep/2016 10:01:03
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